Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sox Win!

Just a quick observation...

Red Sox - 2004 World Series champs, after a lifetime of loosing.
White Sox - 2005 World Series champs, after a very long lifetime of loosing.
Cubs - no pressure, guys... really!

Or maybe a sign of the end of the world, or that old joke about the guy in Hell who the devil can't seem to make unhappy no matter how high he turns up the heat, so he turns it down to freezing, and the guy is delighted because the Cubs must have won the World Series .
Just stuff I think about when the world flips upside down.

Speaking of, the earth's magnetic field flips every 3 million years or so, so that south is north and vice versa on a compass. It has like clockwork throughout the geological record. This is interesting because A) we are due for a flip, and B) the poles have been migrating more quickly in the last hundred years or so, so much so that the north magnetic pole is no longer technically in Canada as of a year or so ago. Nobody quite knows what to expect when the poles flip. Does the field decrease to zero (endangering satellites and astronauts, who hide under it for radiation protection in low earth orbit), then come back on the other way? Does it just move like it appears to be doing now? There are no mass extinctions associated with these flips, but we didn't have electronics, satellites, and a space station before either.

Or baseball.

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