Thursday, April 08, 2004

Of Wife and Teeth and Blind Workdates

Today was Escort Wife To Oral Surgery Day. Theo had her wisdom teeth pulled early this afternoon. First, she had to go into work to do a job interview for a new programmer. She did this during her pre-surgery fast and was already grumpy hours before. God help that poor man.

During the interview, I ran by the old job site and said “Hi” to some of my old friends. I had a funny feeling I wouldn’t be in a position to see them for lunch next week, but that’s what we planned.

Then we were off to Elgin for tooth extraction. By now, even though I was not denied breakfast, I too was starving. I was tempted to slip out during the blessed event to find a vending machine, but the procedure was only 45 minutes, and I had an article on the planet Mercury in the waiting room that demanded my attention.

Yep – space nerd. Guilty. But also very concerned about being too far from Theo while she was having parts of her mouth removed. I had mine removed in high school, and it’s a pretty solid memory after these years, especially the waking up part.

Before the procedure, they put Theo’s wrap-around x-ray on the light panel to show us details. Spread out like that, she looked a bit like Terminator. However, with the black background and black and white toothy spread, it looked much more like Aliens. Regardless of your sci-fi imagery, it was a spooky thing to have looking down on the assembly. Fortunately the doctor was about as gentle as an elderly angel. He is someone who makes all well just by walking into the room - a good skill for someone in his position.

The bottom line, if you get this impression from your dental x-ray, don't take it personally. Even the lovely and talented wife stuff can be made to look a bit scary when viewed transparently and warped 180 degrees.

As he walked in, my cell phone rang. I had a job. I’d never met the consulting firm, or the firm they were working with, or the client. But they saw my resume, salary requirement, and the agreement I finally signed after blowing it off for eight hours, and I had a flippin’ start date of Monday. After so many job contacts this week, I was racking my brain trying to remember ANYTHING about where I was to work or what I would be doing. One thing is certain – these people are decisive, my resume is impressive, and I’m probably not asking for enough money.

I went to the waiting room and called Nicole. She was critical of me for getting offered a job I knew nothing about. I could see where she was coming from. She had a recent nightmare contract at another company with a project manager who seemed to make more enemies than deadlines. The desire of a company to fill a position without an interview makes contractors suspicious. It seems to be a strong indicator of a nightmare boss or a nightmare project being somewhere in the mix.

When I got home, I found the e-mails telling me what to sign and where to bring it tomorrow (Friday). I only found one sentence describing the actual work. I’ll be asking a lot of questions tomorrow.

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