Friday, July 16, 2004

Desktop Update
I tend to take toys on my work desk and make visual cartoons, some more subtle than others.  Typically it's just putting an angry and a playful figure in a fight, like when Samurai Jack and Spongebob faced off, or a character from Reboot stood off with Opus.  Today I bought the stuff for my next big project.
  1. Take one Elvis Presley action figure, holding guitar and singing at microphone.
  2. Take one Alien action figure, with jaws extended and a few face huggers in the package.
  3. Take one Halo action figure, with big freakin' guns.
  4. Place alien in front of microphone, with guitar (six strings, six fingers - tis good!)
  5. Put Elvis behind him with big gun, sneaking up as it were (the hands are in the right place from the guitar pose)
  6. Maybe put a face hugger on the halo guy somewhere around.

And you have my new desktop joke, a scene the new movie from the directors of Alien versus Predator and Bubba Ho Tep (where an aging Elvis and a black guy who thinks he's JFK fight a mummy haunting their nursing home): 
Alien versus Presley 
"Whoever wins, we lose", indeed.
I'll see about photoshopping a poster and putting it behind later.  It was inspired by the fact that they have the Elvis and Alien figs on the same posts at the store at the mall, and it was hilarious seeing Elvis singing with an alien peaking over his shoulder.
IT will go opposite Samurai Jack fighting Agent Smith in my The Matrix: Recast diorama.  
If I find a Ripley figure the right scale, I may put it in the battle armor from Matrix and put a caption on it saying "This time, Ripley's not screwing around".

For the more dry of humor, I'm doing the sequel to my rock garden from when I used to work here.  It will be a rock, paper, scissors garden.

Elvis on an alien world with a big gun was a major theme of the Red Dwarf TV show episode "Meltdown".  I plan to show it at our movie night tomorrow, with the setup I described above sitting on top of the television or on the kitchen table with the food.

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