Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day
My wife and I voted on the way into work today, content in the knowledge we'd just cancelled out the votes of two outspoken Democrats at our respective places of work.
Currently, there is speculation that OBL will launch a terrorist attack, minutes after Bush wins, in a red state.
Does anyone honestly believe he'd call it off if Kerry won?
They might delay it. Or possibly move it. But cancel something they put that much work in? One last shot at the great satan?

Iraqi Insanity
Doonesbury was claiming Republicans are basically insane for thinking there are WMD in Iraq, still.
This ignores the fact that we've detonated two Hiroshima bombs' worth of conventional high explosives outside Baghdad Airport, a little at a time, every day at Noon.
And we have another A-bomb's worth on site waiting for detonation.
And we have seven more A-bomb's worth in other ammo dumps around the country waiting for detonation.
And these very same critics claimed we let HE ordinance used for making nukes slip out to the tune of 377 tons, give or take ninety percent.
And that THIS is dangerous if it gets in the hands of terrorists. Even though it's less than a tenth of one percent of what we've already detonated.

And did we mention the ten chemical warfare shells that were found? One doesn't build chemical munitions factories to create ten shells, then destroy the factory.

Or the missles that were banned? Or the mass graves?

FDR went into Germany looking for a nuclear program, found a missile program, and also found mass graves of ethnic minorities. Bush's only mistake was emphasizing one over the other two. I wished he'd admit to it, because it would call attention where it needs to be.

Back to OBL's Endorsement
And now, OBL is threatening us with destruction again, and offering a truce if we vote for Kerry, an attack if we vote for Bush. Because, you know, making OBL happy is what we really should care about.

I'm guessing at what an OBL attack would look like.
Gotta be an economic target in a red state.
Maybe a borderline one, such as Minnesota or Florida or Ohio, that may give Bush the win in the election, in an effort to push them back like in Spain. What would be an economic target in each? Mall of America? Disneyland? Not much in Ohio to compare to that - maybe King's Island? Maybe the latter is too low density a target for a truck bomb.
Alternatively, if it's a solid red state, and has a port, one could detonate an entire ship's worth of Iraqi explosives. Most ports are in blue states, so New Orleans? An oil facility? Then again, any coastal state from Texas to Virginia is solidly red, with the exception of Florida, and time will tell on that one.
Then again, in the school bombing in Russia they filled the building with explosives over a six month period, so any large building could be a target. I'd be running an explosive sniffing dog or two up and down the Dallas and Houston skylines, looking for front companies on lower floors.

Sorry - no comfort on this thread. It appears the terrorists may have worked out that attacking Democratic areas such as cities may not be in their long term best interest, since these are the very areas most interested in sucking up to terrorists. Unfortunately, we'll probably find out one way or another soon.

Incidentally, Michael Moore and OBL are pretty much sixty-nining each other in their respective statements these past few days. The Death To America/Vote For Kerry crowd has spoken in no small degree of unison. And let's not forget the Communists, who have killed over 120 million worldwide and stated that they would bury us. And the Iranians, who chanted Death to America while voting to enrich uranium, tried to lobby against Bush's reelection by quoting Michael Moore, and - wait, oh that's right - Kerry wants to send them MORE uranium. And cancel the only program, the nuclear bunker buster, that can possibly destroy their mountain nuclear factory without a massive American invasion, and thus take our only leverage away in negotiations.

Perhaps Moore would be wise - scratch that - shouldn't be in the same sentence - would be less foolish if he were to remember that Islam is Hell on Western Film Directors. Will someone PLEASE offer him a wafer thin mint? Or at least inform him that Yassar Arafat in a Fat Bastard costume is not a great look. I suppose he'll spend the $100 million from his last film on paternity suits from co-eds on his college tour.

I think part of our purpose as Americans is making life as miserable as possible for these mass murderers and those who cheer for them. Appeasement has never worked - it has only made the blackmailer stronger and the victim weaker. Show me one instance in history where it has not been so.

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