Thursday, July 07, 2005

Mind the Gap

I posted the following this morning to the IMAO comments section:

First off, condolences and prayers to our allies and brothers/sisters in London. You have been the haven of fighting for freedom since Nelson and Wilberforce. Make them proud.

Spain be damned. What works is repeated; what fails dies. Whatever aggression you reward with cowardice you will get more of. Whatever you resist you will get less of. Clinton gave us a strong and encouraged Al Qaeda after cutting and running from multiple attacks. Spain gave you this.

Britain should double its commitment to Afghanistan and perhaps Iraq. A pissed off Al Qaeda is better than a happy Al Qaeda any freaking day, considering what makes them happy.

If they attack again, double it again. While an American should find Bin Lauden, I think today if a Brit does, we’ll still be as happy (that, and you lost hundreds on 9/11 as well).

I fear for you, England. Not that you will bleed more, but that your blood will have been spilled in retreat. The land that gave us Churchill also gave us Chamberlain. Choose your path well. Your future will thank you for what you defended or curse you for what you let grow, just as it always has.

God bless Britain!

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